Monday, June 23, 2014

Difference Between Switch and Bridge

What is the Difference Between Switch and Bridge in Networking


 Switches are available in both manageable and non manageable. Bridges are available only in non manageable

Number of ports are more than bridgeNumber of ports are less than switch

They can have separate spanning tree for  each VLANs in the switchThey can have only one spanning tree instance per bridge.

Large frame buffersLow frame buffer

Switches are Hardware based, perform forwarding in hardwareBridges are software based, perform forwarding in software

Switches were just the next step which eliminated the collision domain completelyBridges were historically used to reduce the size of collision domain created by hubs

Supports cut-through switchingDoesn't supports cut-through switching

 A switch is a network access device that provides a centralized point for LAN communications,media connections and management activities-like Hub. A bridge is an inter networking device used to contact separate LAN's or link two network segments, and to filter information between them as well as traffic collisions, and other network problems.

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